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What Is Action-Based Learning?

Action-Based Learning is centered on the idea that people learn most when:

  • they are actively involved in their learning,
  • feel a sense of control over what they are learning,
  • find a relevancy and attractiveness in the material they are learning,
  • and are provided with opportunities for reflection on the experience to make connections with other life aspects and future learning.

In Action-Based Learning the facilitator encourages the team to discover and share their observations and learnings. Primarily the participants learn from each other and themselves. Action experiences intentionally contain a certain amount of spontaneous unpredictability. Action-Based methods have been very successful in meeting team, organizational and personal goals of corporates and youths. In action-based activities, great change can occur through intense problem solving or safe risk taking situations.

The aim of an action-based program is to present challenging situations to participants in order to create change and help participants to learn about the dynamics of individual and group behavior. In an action-based program, participants are taken out of their standard frame of reference and asked to participate in unusual and attractive activities that focus on areas such as group problem solving, communication, the value of diversity and insight skills.